Monday, August 17, 2009

Breakneck Bridge

Breakneck Brigde
According to the book Lawrence County, Breakneck Bridge was originally a covered bridge built in 1874. On August 16 1952, an overweight coal truck fell through the floor of the bridge and caught fire. The driver escaped but later died from injuries. I am not sure how much of a drop it is to Cheeseman Run, but I don't think anyone could survive such a fall. So tragic.

The current concrete bridge replaced the old one, but was closed due to maintenance costs and low traffic.

In this Google Book you can see a 1908 photo of the covered bridge: Lawrence County By Anita DeVivo, Anthony P. Walczak.

If anyone has any more information, please post a comment. I had difficulty finding more information online. Maybe someday I can make it to the library...
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  1. I really like the colours of the rusted iron. Very rich.