Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Remembering a Summer Walk

Hell's Hollow Falls Right now everyone is fighting colds but at least the kids are recovering.
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  1. I enjoyed my first visit to your blog. I read your comment on your profile and some of the posts. I like the layout of the blog and the color green.

    This first photo is very nice. I wonder if you know how good it is? I wish we had parks here as nice. Sycamore Park is close, real close and is many, many acres but it is more wild in all its parts and not easy to get around. This photo looks like you walked in off the city streets. It is so pristine.

    I have a number of blogs and one or two of them may interest you since you are an artist.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville, Ohio

  2. Such beauty, what more could you ask for.

  3. Beautiful waterfall and lush surroundings!