Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Those Look Yummy....

Hell's Hollow Trail - False Solomon's Seal
After I pointed out these bright red berries along Hell's Hollow Trail, my middle daughter commented on how they looked yummy. This led to an obvious discussion on how she should never eat anything from the woods without asking Mom or I first.

The plant with the berries is a False Solomon's Seal (Smilacina racemosa) also known as a Wild Spikenard, False Spikenard, Solomon's Plume, Scurvyberry or Treacleberry. The bitter berries ripen in the late summer and fall. Apparently they are edible, if this list of recipes is any indication. Please note that I have never tried these berries. Wikipedia indicates that they can have an effect of being a strong laxative in certain people.... Also when young, this plant can resemble its cousins from the genus Veratrum which are highly poisonous. So eat at your own risk.

Stinging Nettles are in the bottom left. I believe there are a few Wild Ginger plants in this shot as well. McConnells Mill.

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