Monday, November 16, 2009

Another One

Eckert Falls - McConnells Mill My oldest daughter and I visited Eckert Falls Saturday morning except this time we climbed further up the hill. We were pleasantly surprised to find another waterfall not far away.

On the right side of the picture above is a stone wall that appears to be a foundation for an old mill. Below is a photo in the opposite direction. The stump of the fallen tree from this photo can be seen in the background.

I am going to tag both waterfalls as Eckert Falls until I discover information otherwise.
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  1. Beautiful little water fall!
    Sometimes I feel amazed at the fact that how little I know about the place I live in....glad your are rediscovering & reconnecting!!

  2. What a beautiful place for a hike.

  3. Lovely photo...I would loved to have been there exploring!

  4. Greetins from Australia. These photos could have been taken in my own state - they look very similar. The top one looks cool and inviting.
    Melbourne Daily Photo