Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Covered Bridge

The Covered Bridge in McConnells Mill The covered bridge in McConnells Mill was built in 1874. In 1980, it was placed on the National Register Historic Places. Lawrence County rehabilitated the bridge in 1998 and it is currently open to traffic.

The bridge did have a close call in March 2004, when a large hemlock tree fell on the roof during a storm. Luckily, in 1957 engineers added concrete beams under the bridge which prevented it from collapsing into the creek. It was repaired the following September.

This is one of four Howe Truss bridges still standing statewide and this one located at the Mill has the longest span of them all. Most bridges in Pennsylvania use a Burr Truss. The Howe Truss was patented in 1840 by William Howe, with an extended patent in 1850. The design consists of a series of diagonal beams and uses steel rods for additional support. The Howe Truss was initially used for railroad bridges due to its strength.

Howe Truss
In the 1950s many covered bridges were being replaced by modern versions. It is fortunate that this one was not. Not far from here, Breakneck Bridge was also built in 1874 originally as a covered bridge. It was replaced in 1952 with a concrete one after a coal truck fell through the floor.

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  1. Bonita imagen de la naturaleza, saludos.

  2. Wonderful pictures. I absolutely love covered bridges and have photographed several in my area. Thank you for sharing.
    Sunny :)

  3. Very nice photo of the bridge and rock formations!
    I remember the bridge from another photo with a fellow photographer in it. :) This shot is perfect!

  4. Precioso puente en un entorno mavarilloso...las fotos son preciosas y estan bien ilustradas....un abrazo.

  5. Wow!! You have so many beautiful photos on your blog. I see McConnells Mill is near Pittsburg, which is about 5 hours from our house. I think we will have to head up one of these days. I'd love to see that covered bridge!

  6. Magnifico blog y unas imágenes espectaculares, un saludo.

  7. Beautiful photo of a great historic structure. Interesting to hear some of its history.

  8. I am aware of these structures due to the magic of "Hollywood". I have seen similar structures featured in films such as: "Beetlejuice and Sleepy Hollow". There are perhaps many more films which feature these bridges, but it is those two that spring to mind.