Thursday, November 12, 2009

Eckert Falls

Eckert Falls - McConnells Mill On Sunday, my middle daughter and I spent a little time exploring the area around Eckert Bridge in McConnells Mill. We were surprised to find another waterfall close to the Kildoo Trail. My middle daughter enjoyed climbing around the rocks and sitting under the over hang.

From what little information I could find online, it is called 'Eckert Falls'. There is a stack of rocks at the top that appears to be either the remains of an old foundation or something else man made (not pictured). I've been debating contacting the park about some of the 'unknown' things we find. I guess I should make a list...

It is too bad most of my photos of this waterfall did not turn out as I had hoped.
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  1. El agua se desliza por insolitos rincones dando lugar a estas bonitas fotografias.


  2. This looks like a beautiful little falls. It's fun to find the hidden, unexpected ones.

  3. To me any images of trees, and their beauty are magic (even if they are not in monochrome or on film). It's great that you are documenting a place that is so obviously very special to you.
    Good on you.