Sunday, November 8, 2009

Warm November Day

McConnells Mill - Slippery Rock Creek My middle daughter and I took a rest in this spot while hiking along Kildoo Trail. While she munched on pretzels, I snapped a few pictures of Slippery Rock Creek. Here the water is slow moving and had a nice green tint to it.

There were a lot of individuals and groups passing through this area. My daughter had to wave and say hi to everyone. She even shouted across the creek to people. So fun.
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  1. Such a beautiful shot, must have been a beautiful day.

  2. Beautiful still water! As I was scrolling your photo into full view, the log gave me the impression of a canoe!

  3. I like all the shades of green along with the fall colors. Very serene.
    Sunny :)

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