Sunday, December 6, 2009

Eckert Bridge

Eckert Bridge - McConnells Mill Eckert Bridge was built in 1852 originally as a covered bridge. In the 1950s it was replaced with the current concrete one. Due to low traffic in the 1970s, sections of the Breakneck Bridge and Eckert Bridge Roads were closed including their overpasses.

To get to Eckert Bridge, you must follow Cheeseman Road past the Breakneck Bridge parking area and down the hill into the gorge. Note that this section of the route is not maintained in the winter and is full of potholes. The bridge lies at the bottom of the hill and is primarily used for parking.

I am not sure why I am always surprised by how many people are in this nook and cranny of McConnells Mill. Eckert Bridge is not far from Breakneck and Eckert Falls. It also provides access to the Kildoo and Slippery Rock Gorge Trails sections of which are considered part of the North Country National Scenic Trail.

More Info and Sources:
Photo of Coverd Bridge
Source - Lawrence County By Anita DeVivo, Anthony P. Walczak
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